About Us


Today, social media is now the modern tool for marketing which eliminated tons of expense in order for a single brand to promote across the world. During the traditional days of marketing, business owners and advertisers are keen on delivering advertisement with the help of marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, billboard and a whole lot of paper works that limits their geographic target to a minimum of what the ads can reach.

As to the rise of social media came into the world of marketing and business, the industry has provided platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and etc. which has proven to eliminate the time needed and cost of tangible materials just to reach out to whom an advertiser desires that are indeed powered by algorithms and data analysis or perhaps what the expert says that every ads promoted to a social media platforms are only delivered to the ideal market with the help of social media managers to take in the priority of analysing the future growth of a brand using social media platforms.


Social media management is at least a profession that came out big after years of proven marketing strategy with the use of social media. The aid of such profession is quite a fast route in introducing new businesses, start-ups and influencers into any designated area or population. The growth of businesses and brands under the administration of social media managers has been exponentially great during the popularity of such manager which up until now has a great demand as a job for business owners.

Practising social media management is a must in order to participate to the new trend of advertising and at the same time this expertise is proven to have the ability of analysing the flow of the social media platforms and provides strategic ideas to get any identity going.


Ausedia is a social media management company that was founded and managed by Austin Rowsell which is located in Utah, the company brings in a great opportunity of collaborating with businesses and influencers and takes them to the top with the help of any technological innovation in marketing.

The company is a paid social media marketing service which is welcome to support small or big brands to cope up with the fast growing and changing marketing trend which only leaves clients to a smooth experience of discovery on how big their business can be in the presence of social media.


Ausedia will be handling the analysis of a client’s business or influencer page by simply identifying the unique traits of the brand in order to bring in support and management by directly continuing the strategy to run posts, search engine optimization, titles, and thumbnail or in general is the marketing strategy and implementation of the business as a whole in social media.

The company will be able to initiate the right approach in terms of hashtags, topics and image presentation a client should portray in the market. Ausedia will already be an all-in-one social media manager a client should trust in having any assigned social media page reach its goals and aspirations.


With the help of Ausedia’s social media management team any business and personal online platforms that are existing in the membership of the service will be held by the company until the satisfaction of the clients in terms of marketing is reached.

Ausedia is the ideal marketing service provider that a client should have today, the team has an outstanding knowledge in the field of social media which are always accompanied with data analysis and tools that are only best used in online marketing.

The company consist of experts in online technologies and professional marketing strategist that comes in together with a single membership program which is already a one-way ticket to fixing client’s struggle in the marketing industry.